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Installation Support

If you are unsure which instructions you need, please call 1-800-496-4444 or email for assistance.

HOW-TO INSTALLATION VIDEOS (Click the Play Button below each video to begin playback.)


  1. Borders / Mural-Style Borders / Mini Murals Application Instructions

  2. Download PDF

  3. Pre-Pasted Murals Application Instructions

  4. Download PDF

  5. Easy-Up Murals Assembly Instructions

  6. Download PDF

  7. Minute Murals Assembly Instructions

  8. Download PDF

  9. Bliss Murals Application Instructions

  10. Download PDF

  11. Peel & Stick Accents Application Instructions

  12. Download PDF

  13. Pre-Pasted Accents Application Instructions

  14. Download PDF

The Tools You Will Need

Surface Preparation

Hanging One-Piece Murals

Hanging Borders

Hanging Wallpaper